2016_Fee_Schedule.pdf  training-contract.pdf Butler Farms Training Center looks forward to the opportunity to assist you with your training, breeding, and marketing needs. For a complete list of training services and fees, click on the links above.

“When she has been fined down by training, she is like a young gazelle…
with her muscles and upper parts firmly knit,
and her lower limbs made nimble and light.”

- Translated by Sir Charles Lyall

Butler Farms Training Center is proud to offer an array of training, breeding, and marketing services for their clients. All operations are headed by Ted Carson, whose philosophy is based on hard work, honesty and commitment.
Training services provided by Butler Farms Training Center include halter and performance training for the horses, along with riding and halter lessons for amateurs and owners of all ages. Whether you want a nationally competitive show horse or you just want your horse safe to trail ride, Butler Farms can help you accomplish your goals.

Ted’s training method has broken down both the halter process and the riding process into simple steps. If a horse begins to have problems, Ted determines which step the trouble is in, and then concentrates on correcting that step. This method is less confusing to the horse in training, and to the rider or handler taking a lesson.

Training alone does not create a competitive show horse. Along with a confident, professional presentation, Ted believes there are four things that help you win in the horse business: quality, training, conditioning, and hair coats. None of these are any less important than the others. You can't win with quality alone if the other factors are not present to enhance the horse. Conversely, sometimes you can beat quality with the other factors, that is, when a horse is “well turned out” and well presented. Ted provides the training, conditioning and beautiful hair coats. Each individual horse provides the quality. Ted prides himself on the fact that he will personally evaluate your horse, and then focus his training and your investment on goals that are attainable for the individual horse.

Breeding services offered by Butler Farms include stallion management and mare care. The on-site stallion breeding operation, also known as Southeastern Equine Reproductive Services, is overseen by a veterinary clinic, and is equipped to evaluate, freeze, and ship cooled or frozen equine semen. It is a USDA approved facility, with the capability to quarantine horses and ship frozen semen anywhere in the world. Mare care includes complete breeding services (performed by a veterinarian), foal care, and turn-out.

Lastly, Butler Farms Training Center has marketed the Arabian horse to people from countries around the world. If you wish to sell your horse, we will evaluate your horse for you and tell you how we can assist you in marketing your horse. Logically, the most beautiful and talented Arabians are also the easiest to market. Average horses must be priced both reasonably and competitively to sell. Butler Farms will set up a marketing plan that is tailored to your horse, and then do its best to move that horse on to a new home.

If you are looking for the perfect horse, Butler Farms can assist you in finding an Arabian that is an exceptional individual who will fulfill your dreams, while advising you on purchasing, quality, compatibility for your needs, and investing.