March 05, 2015

SF Veraz - Special Breeding Incentive

With the Daddy Do Over, a breeder who still owns their Veraz offspring can send photos and video of their horse to Patti and Ted. They will review and evaluate all submitted materials and then, Ted and Patti will select five breeders to receive a free rebreed. Prerequisites for this incentive include the following: the breeder must own the horse, the horse must be sound and it must have current health papers. The owner must ship the horse to either Ted Carson’s facility in North Carolina or to Scheier Farms in Arizona. The owner of the horse is responsible for all shipping costs. The horse then becomes the property of Scheier Farms. Owner must provide registration papers or authorization form for unregistered foal.

In return, the Scheiers will give the breeder one (1) breeding, which includes one (1) shipment of cooled semen. The mare owner is responsible for the Fed-Ex shipping charges and any costs to breed their mare, The breeder may select the same mare or choose another to breed to Veraz. However, the breeding cannot be sold or transferred. This amazing opportunity is limited to five breeders and ends on April 15, 2015.

Patti Scheier explained the inspiration for this unprecedented breeding incentive, “We stand behind Veraz and we want to give breeders every chance to produce the foal of their dreams. The Veraz offspring are so special. Not only are they gorgeous halter horses, they are really excelling in performance too.

For more details on the Daddy Do Over breeding incentive contact Ted Carson: or Patti Scheier: